Goose Creek, SC

Sidewalks in Boulder Bluff

I want to give you all an update on the sidewalk grant for Boulder Bluff. As many of you know, the city applied for a grant through the Council of Governments (COG). The grant was awarded to us quite some time ago. The DOT Engineers did not approve some of the plan and this caused a delay in the project. Moreover, the changes they wanted would have cost the city more than $250,000.
Several weeks ago, Kevin Condon, Kimo Esarey and I met with Joe Daning and Paul Campbell in Columbia to ask for their assistance in this matter. Thankfully, they were able to help. Mr. Broom, our city administrator, met with the COG Director yesterday and they have reached a solution. DOT relented on some of their issues which reduced the overage to $135,000. And, the COG will assist in paying that. It still may be some time before it gets done as we are still on the DOT’s timetable. But as least the funding is in place.
While meeting with Senator Campbell and Representative Daning, I asked them to look into the procedure for administering these grants. It would be much easier and efficient if the grant recipient could manage the project and contract the work. This would take the burden off of an already stretched DOT staff. It would also reduce the time it takes to get things done.

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