Goose Creek, SC


Recreation is the mortar of a community. Families see each other at the ball park, gym, pool, or course and form friendships that often last for years to come. Bike Paths and walking trails add value to our community that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Next to keeping you safe, the most impactful thing a municipality can do is provide recreational opportunities to as many citizens as possible, regardless of age.

Recreation is not only sports. Art and music play a large roll in the community. The city presents the Spring Concert Series, movie nights, and Fourth of July Celebration among many other events. Artist competitions are sponsored as well. Further, classes are offered at our recreation center in other areas of art and music. All of these contribute to a well rounded community.

Recreation can also be used as an effective economic development tool. I would like to see Goose Creek develop an annual festival to celebrate our city. I would like to see a “Sunday in the Park” farmers market/craft festival. This type of weekly or monthly event can be used to revitalize a blighted area of the city. There is so much recreation can do to bring life and enjoyment to our community and bring folks together to revitalize our economy.

We must also look out for our kids that may not be traditional stick and ball kids. For example, currently, there is no BMX track in the Lowcountry. I will work to bring alternative sports and activities to give opportunities to everyone. Moreover, alternative sports and activities, just like a Gymnastics facility, will bring people into our city from the region. In time, our Economic Development Director can use this to market our city to potential investors.

I am committed to dynamic recreation offerings in the city. I am committed to progressive use of recreation in economic development. I am committed to providing opportunity to all.

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