Goose Creek, SC



We must create and sustain diverse revenue streams to the city so that every increase in expense is not levied against property owners. In three out of the past four years, property taxes have increased. Also, we must identify the needs and wants, like restaurants and shopping, of our citizens and make sure those needs can be provided within the city.


Goose Creek is fortunate to have committed employees. It is time the city was committed to them. We need to continually monitor salaries, and continue to work toward providing affordable family health care.

Increase Law Enforcement

From 2012-2016 on road collisions increased by 40%. Traffic has only increased since then. Unsolved cases continue to rise and some take months to be investigated. This is not due to lack of competent police officers, we have the finest Police Department in the area. What we don’t have, is enough officers and investigators, I will strive to hire more. I am committed to ensuring safety for our citizens.


Even with tax increases three out of the past four years, Goose Creek is $28 million in debt and we only have half of our required reserves. This is unacceptable, I will provide leadership to create fair and diverse revenue streams to stem the tide of tax increases, reduce debt, and maintain our reserves.

Next Steps...

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