Goose Creek, SC

Increasing Police and Fire

Since 2008, Goose Creek has grown exponentially both in area and population. Yet, we didn’t add a single police officer until this year and that was because we received a grant to pay the officer. Traffic accidents have increased by 40%, illegal drugs are more prevalent in our community, and violent crime is on the rise.

Since January 1, 2018, our Fire Department has had six employees leave. Moreover, there are currently nine total openings. Years ago, the Mayor promised both Liberty Hall and Carnes Crossroads Fire Stations in order to get them to annex into the city. Yet, there is no plan for funding of these much needed Fire Stations.

The two most expensive departments to train and retain employees are the departments with the highest turnover, Police and Fire.

We are fortunate to have tremendous leadership in our Police and Fire Departments. We are also fortunate to have many committed and talented Firemen and Police Officers. It is time they had the support of the Mayor and City Council. We must value all of our employees.

I am committed to ensuring our employees are supported with competitive salaries and affordable family health coverage. I am committed to ensuring our Police and Fire Departments are supported with enough Officers and Firemen, updated technology and training, and facilities that support their success and long term employment.

Our Police and Firemen deserve better. Our citizens deserve better. I will work to ensure better treatment of our emergency services workers that bravely serve our community.

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