Goose Creek, SC

Why I am Running for Mayor

I am running for Mayor of Goose Creek to fill the void in leadership. I am running for Mayor so that we may choose our own future.  I am running for Mayor to ensure the financial health of our community. I am running for Mayor to stem the tide of tax increases on our citizens. I am running for Mayor to serve the community that has given so much to me and my family.

I am running for Mayor of the City of Goose Creek. It is time for new leadership.

In 2015, with my boys essentially grown, I turned my attention to find new ways to give back to my community. I had coached youth sports, served on the Board of Directors for several charities, and participated with the Chamber of Commerce. Goose Creek has been my home since 1982; I care about this city and I know this city. Moreover, I knew I had the knowledge and experience to provide leadership to its governance. In 2016, I ran for City Council based on the need for economic development, fiscal responsibility, high quality recreation, and ensuring a safe place for families to raise their children. I was elected on that premise, and I have addressed those needs ever since.

In the last two years, City Council has made tremendous progress toward building for Goose Creek’s future. We hired the city’s first Economic Development Director. We passed an ordinance with incentives to re-develop the 176/52 triangle area. The new Business/Professional Office Development zone ensures peaceful coexistence between residential and commercial properties. And we used our zoning laws to slow the proliferation of storage units. These are very important and necessary steps Goose Creek needs to take to succeed. But these are the kinds of logical and reasonable measures Michael Heitzler has opposed for years. That’s why we must build on the progress we’ve made in the last two years.

There is still much to be done. For example, the 2018 City Council budget discussion revealed a  disconnect  Mr. Heitzler has about the relationship between taxes, spending, and economic development. Understanding this relationship is key to our city’s fiscal health. In the Mayoral election of 2014, Mr. Heitzler denied the obvious. The City’s expenses far outweighed its income and Council would have to raise property taxes. Three of the next four years, our citizens and businesses saw a property tax increase. Without systematic change, there will be more on the way.  It is now clear, for Goose Creek to reach its potential, new leadership is necessary.